Maui 2012

Maui 2012

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Party!!! December 2012

We celebrated  Great Grammy Faye (76 yrs), Mandy (35 yrs),
and Taggarts (8 yrs) birthday on Dec. 16th.
 We had a dinner, played the candy bar game, which everyone
participated with enthusiasm!!! Ate the
famous texas sheet cake and ice cream.

Everyone should get what they wished for!!!

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Maddie's Ballet and Christmas Program Dec. 2012

Maddie's Ballet (The Nutcracker) program was on
Dec. 8, 2012. Parker is enjoying the show!!!

Maddie's school program was Dec. 11th
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Eli Wesley Ayotte Nov. 14, 2012 / Thanksgiving in St. George

Eli Wesley Ayotte - November 14, 2012
I was able to get work off so I could spend a week helping
Jason and Claudia. I went to Kims thursday after work and
met her at Oh Sweet Sadie and did a little shopping with  her and
Sophie. I spent the night,helped with a feeding and had
a fun day helping Kim and loving William and Stuart! It
worked out for me to catch a ride with Cam and his Dad
friday night at 6:00 to St. George. Claudia came home
from the hospital friday and so it was great. Although,
we had planned a thanksgiving dinner with
our family on sunday.. with me gone Donny took
over and did a great job on the meal with everybody
bringing sides of course. Busy week
doing laundry,housework,cooking,playing with the kids
and loving little Eli. Donny and McKelle came down
wednesday night. We had an amazing thanksgiving dinner,and
decided to be lazy and stay in our sweats all day!! We
went hiking, swimming, played tennis, and played at the park!

Boston is pretending to be asleep!!

Claudia and Eli

Fun at the park

So sweet!

Cool Dudes!!

Eli is so dang cute!!

Good thing Auntie Kelle is strong!!

Ada was nervous to climb up here but she did it
and was so proud of herself. See the moon!!!
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October 2012

Sophie was all excited to stomp in the snow!!

Just in time for Halloween!

Fun expressions! Check out Stu's lips!

Meeting out Auntie Kelle

Brody,Joce and Emma came to see the babies. We played
outside for a little bit.

Happy Halloween! Brody,Joce,Emma, and McKelle
met us at our church for trunk or treat
 chili and bread sticks!  

We went to Logan and gave the kids a halloween treat!
They were surprised that we were dressed up.
I don't normally get into it, but I knew the kids
would think it was funny to see us crazy!
It was actually fun. Thanks to McKelle's help!!

We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather and took
advantage of letting the kids have a play date at the park!
Felt so good to feel the sun and the kids had so much fun!

Parker didn't know we were watching him
and he struggled going down these stairs
because they were so steep. When he
got to the bottom safely he looked
up and saw us and this was his expression!

Maddie had fun pushing Emma!!

Babysitting Emma one day and decided to enjoy the
pool at Belmont one last time for the season!

Play time with Maddie and Parks!! Stubborn Maddie?
 She wouldn't smile!!
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